Freestanding Hi-temperature Glassware Washer, 230V 50/60hz

제품번호 EW-98964-15
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 수입발주품목 본사재고 확인
Steam generator removes hard soil and residues Information center allows for customized cycles. No center tower for larger item capacity. Configure your washer with optional inserts Redesigned SteamScrubber glassware washers have a built-in steam generator to penetrate and remove dried residue, and the built-in purified water pump allows you to use a non-pressurized purified water supply for up to six pure water rinses. Wash arms are located on the bottom of the racks, allowing more space for glassware and larger items such as animal cages. Interchangeable racks allow you to use the upper and lower spindle racks from the FlaskScrubber® series to accommodate a wide variety of glassware, including volumetric flasks. Spindle racks direct water into the glassware for efficient cleaning, forced air drying through the spindles is not available when using the spindle racks in the SteamScrubber. LCD provides easy monitoring of wash cycle, including water temperature