Disposable Syringe Filters, PES; 0.45 µm; 25 mm dia; sterile; 50/PK

제품번호 EW-81054-94
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 수입발주품목 본사재고 확인
Housings are specifically designed to minimize sample holdup and maximize recovery Non-pigmented acrylic or polypropylene (PP) housings feature integral filter sealing to avoid the risk of contamination from pigments and adhesives. Each filter is clearly marked with membrane pore size. Housings have standard luer connectors; 50-mm filters feature 7 to 13.5 mm hose barb connectors Polyethersolfone (PES) Filters are hydrophilic and low protein-binding; ideal for pharmaceutical and biological applications where sample recovery and low extractables are essential. Also used for filtration of high-contaminant or viscous liquids.