Ultrasonic Flow Sensor for L/S 16 Tubing

제품번호 EW-33501-16
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 수입발주품목
Obtain accurate flow readings without introducing a new material to the fluid path Noninvasive design eliminates contact with working fluid Ideally suited for strict hygienic standards Continuously monitor peristaltic pump flow rates and send data directly to your computer Compact aluminum sensor body clamps around the tubing Integrated electronics—no external electronic board is needed Specifically calibrated for use with Masterflex L/S® and I/P® platinum-cured silicone tubing Ensures maximum flow rate of 480 mL/min Masterflex ultrasonic flow sensors accurately and noninvasively measure the flow rate of liquid in tubing associated with peristaltic pumps. Since the sensor never contacts the working fluid, it is reusable in single-use applications providing significant recurring savings. The clamp-on sens High measurement accuracy is achieved through the arrangement of four piezo sensors in an “X” pattern. Accuracy is further enhanced by the existence of two integrated temperature sensors that provide temperature compensation. Combining the sensor design with the tight dimensional accuracy of Masterflex platinum-cured silicone tubing results in unparalleled measuring accuracy. The sensor output can be connected directly to a computer when used with the communications package 33501-96 (sold separately) or to any meter or controller that accepts RS-485, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 kHz, or PNP-NPN push-pull inputs. Use the ultrasonic flow sensors right out of the box! Each sensor comes calibrated to national measurement standards for the appropriately sized Masterflex platinum-cured silicone tubing when water is the working fluid and across the full range. The sensors can be adapted for use with other working fluids or tubing materials of the same OD by changing parameters and calibrating with the software in the communications package 33501-96 (sold separately). Sensors that cover the most common tube sizes are offered below; models for other tubing sizes can be ordered by contacting us.