Variable-Speed Drive with Remote I/O; 600 rpm

제품번호 EW-07528-10
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 2

첨부파일 1 : Manual 07528-XX.pdf

첨부파일 2 : mflex-ls-analog-brochure.pdf

Easy-to-use drives offer precise speed control and digital display of rpm—ideal for metering applications Flow rate 0.06 to 3400 mL/min (depends on drive rpm and tubing size). 

Three digit LED display shows motor rpm — confirm speed setting at a glance. Reversible motor—purge tubing before or after pumping; pump fluid in either direction. 

LED indicators confirm motor direction. Powerful motors let you stack 2 or 4 pump heads for increased flow rates and for multichannel applications. 

Separate speed and power (on/off) control — maintain speed setting while turning pump on/off. 

Stackable, splash-resistant ABS plastic housing; IP33 rated. 

Remote control capabilities via a DB9 female connector on back of drive. Speed control input: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC. Pump direction (CW/CCW) via open collector or contact closure. 

Start/stop via open collector or contact closure. 

Membrane keypad for easy up-front control of speed, direction, and start/stop These accurate analog console drives have powerful motors, speed display, and ±0.25% speed control for precise flow regulation—ideal for metering applications. 

Remote speed control requires DB9 male connector 07595-45 or cable assembly 07595-47. 

Use remote connector for control of start/stop via contact closure or open collector (5 V TTL); control start/stop via footswitch 77595-35 or handheld remote 07528-80.