3-Way Direct Lift Solenoid Valve; 5/32 24VDC

제품번호 EW-01540-18
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 수입발주품목 본사재고 확인
Ideal for use with high-purity or corrosive fluids
  • All wetted parts made of inert PTFE
  • Minimal dead volume reduces problems with trapped liquids


Rated for 26" Hg vacuum. Maximum fluid temperature is 158°F (70°C). All valves have 15" lead wires. 

Valves are compact and lightweight — mount them almost anywhere. 

Valves with a 1/16" orifice have mounting holes at the bottom only and valves with a 3/32" and 5/32" orifice have mounting holes at the top and bottom.